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Here I just wanted to say how the prefix trans- and the word transitional are often confused. This is my breakdown of the definitions:

The word Transgender refers to the gender identity (How one acts behaves or presents themself). This is not necessarily static and thus we have terms like pan-gender or liquid or fluid-gender.

Transsexual is someone who is/has undergone some kind of procedure to treat the so called mental illness of Transsexualism (currently not a diagnosis in the outdated DSM-IV).

Transitional means a state in between something. In the case of Transgender it could be between gender... but actually I think it is more ambivalent gender or both genders. So the transition into this state occurs as soon as one changes for one gender identity to both. I feel this happens instantaneously upon the enlightenment of the possiblity of transition (changing). Unfortunately the word transition has many vague and ambivalent definitions.

Now comes the question: Is someone complete in their gender identity versus transitional? With such a poor word choice as "transitional" there is a lot of confusion (I think that word come from confucius' philosphies and the inability to digest them). Anyways if you are confused thats the emotion I was trying to convey. And to further confuse the situation someone can completely identify with one gender while at the same time thinking of themselves as transgender in some way. In this case we have a very robust word transgender that almost swallows up the defintions which make the separate genders. Is a Tom-Boyish girl - a girl -or transgender. Here we have visual judgments competing with the unseen intangible feelings of within someone. The bottom line if someone is making a serious effort to transition then it must be important to them. To deny this person of Pursuit of Happiness and Life as whatever sex would not be American it would be sexual harrassment and discrimination.

"Trans-" and "Transitional" are often confused