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It has been almost two months since my castration surgery and I am still discovering the benefits of this surgery. I was unsure prior to surgery what difference castration would make in my life, but now I can say it has been significant. The first month was spent recovering from the procedure. The scar from the incision in my scrotum is barely visible, and only really detectable if I point it out. The doctor made the incision along the middle medial ridge of the scrotum called the raphe thereby hiding the scar tissue in the ridge. Inside there is no material, the muscular partition, the septum, the two testes, and the epididymides have all been removed.

Two months post operative and my scrotum has already noticeably atrophied. Now I can wear proper panties, and no longer have to rely on the tight material of a gaff to tuck in. I have not tucked at all since the procedure, at least not like I use to. See my post on tucking if you wish to know the steps in creating a visually vulva like appearance.

Now all I do is push the shaft downward and wear panties, and nothing seems to shift or move. Formerly, with a gaff, I would sometimes experience shifting, pain, discomfort, and on a few occasions rushed to the bathroom to find that I had cut off circulation to either my scrotum or a part of my penis. Some days I would wear a gaff for 20 or more hours, and it can be dangerous. I am so happy to be rid of this.

Cage took me shopping this week for some new clothes and we went to Old Navy. I found lots of really nice clothes there. Cage insisted that I try on a pair of shorty shorts. I was at first terrified! I had always dreamed of wearing a bikini, or other tight clothing such as shorts, but would never attempted to do so with a gaff. I reluctantly went to the change room with some shorts we found and tried them on, no gaff, just panties. THEY FIT! And they are comfortable and look great! I wore them all afternoon and Cage’s mom commented that I looked sexy. I was so pleased, this was a huge step, and it has boosted my confidence in a way that I can not begin to explain here.

I must thank Cage as well, as she has become an integral part of my more recent transition endeavours. Recently I went out with her to the shops and wore no make-up. As I was leaving the house I had to force myself to take every step, I felt naked! I was so self-conscious, but I had Cage telling me “You are beautiful Baby!” And that was all I needed to quell the feelings of anxiety and apprehension. She gives me strength at my weakest moments.

It may sound strange, but I feel lighter. My testicles only weighed around 8 ounces, if that, but somehow I feel like I lost 50 pounds! I guess maybe it is because of the psychological aspects of being rid of something that has caused me discomfort. My gait has also changed, I no longer seem to walk the same, and my previous girly shuffle is more feminine.

Well, that is all for now.

<3 Daphne Shaed


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I am glad that you share you experiences and that others can hear your words. Gaffs are like Bindings for FTMs. The circulation gets cut off the same way. It would be nice to have some more Female to Males on here. I thought that maybe I could be in a relationship with a man like that I long for the kind of friendship that you and Cage have. I have friends that are caged up in prison cells and at the very least I want to be able to reach them on the internet - Don't we have the right to assemble in peace? (US AMENDMENT I)... If we could hear their experiences I bet theres a lot to be gleamed from.

Without the gaff...