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Back to the subject I hate most... english. Why?; I don't know. But, its the same reason why I hated discrete mathematics. Pidgeon hole theorem... They should make a porno out of that name. Just like double stuffed oreos.

Anyways, so these three words have the prefix trans in common. But they have completely different meanings, imo. Here's my breakdown of what the words mean:

1st. Transitional means in between two states and implies transition or change between the two states.

2nd, Transgender is a category we use to seperate ourselves. The transgender is a superset of the LGB community, because lesbians, gays, and bisexuals can all be transgender in their behavior. To support this a diagnosis of gender identity disorder can be as simple as a boy playing house or a girl being tom-boyish. Transgender is often confused with the word transsexual.

3rd, Transsexual is the state after transition when person has made an effort to change their sexual charactistics. Note: The difference between the word gender and sex. So sex change may be the only successful treatment for those with the mental diagnosis of Transsexualism.

Honestly, I think all these mental diagnosis's are a load of crap to me its like trying to sing the alphabet with a talking calculator. We have those that know how we feel and those that try to piece a puzzle together by what they see. What if you had a puzzle of connect the dots, and then you had to paint by color. By ignoring the intangible senses and the LGBT community I feel that the psychological community is got a very hard puzzle ahead of them.

Transitional vs. Transsexual vs. Transgender.