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We can't deny that it's a mental illness — Its written in the DSM-IV. Its stigma and that of other "mental illness" has impacts on the lives of many. I was just wondering if you think is a disease or illness?; Does it require correction or treatment?; If so, how?

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IMDHO... I think that the deparment of mental hygiene is a nom' de' plume' for brainwashing. They have since been renamed to DMH Dept. Mental Health. The whole state of mental health science (oxymoron?) is the modern equivalent of the Witch Trials. The belief system and doctrines (DSM) of the occult philosphies of Sigmund Freud are forced upon the "free" citizens of hypocrisy. AND I AM ANOTHER HYPOCRITE! If my mental health diagosis is based upon appearance and my words. I will make sure to confuse, contradict, and flabbergast as I pursue happiness and freedom of religion.

I guess one could say arguing with oneself could be construed as a mental illness.

That is a loaded question because depending on the context if defined as a mental illness there are those that would say "give em Prozac, it's got what trans genders need." well that and the way to fix a mental illness (by definition) is to fix the head... Not turn a penis into a vagina

Condition could work but that would take out the naturality of it. Making it seem like there was something inherently wrong with being that way. But then condition could also bring drugs or the ol' "let's fix em with mental adjustments" ala de-gaying

Now affliction is a though, unfortunately that sounds almost plague like and that is contrary to what we are trying to do here and could, in the eyes of some morons, make transgender seem contagious.

Then there is Hormonal imbalance which does obviously play a part but injecting a "male" who identifies as a female with male hormones is also not the solution for all.

Generalized birth defect is sort of a catch all but then there are those who may not want that label. But then again, a label with the ability to rip it off (ok bad analogy) is far better than spending your life living in a body that you do not belong in.

At the end of the day, as a regular plain old vanilla str8 guy married to a plain old regular (all beit sexy) vanilla str8 chick, I can't even begin to imagine the turmoil. I can only sympathize and offer my stupid opinions and meandering banter. Oh and of course a place to set the record straight (no pun intended)

Is Gender Identity Disorder a mental illness?