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There is a group out there advocating the official change of the "label" applied to Transgendered individuals to individuals with Harry Benjamin Syndrome or HBS. What do you think? Would HBS lend more credibility to the cause or is it just one more thing to have to explain?

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Now I like the confidentiality of not explicity SAYING TRANSGENDER - I don't think that needs to be advertised it only causes separationism and some trans-persons fully identify as either male or female. I just don't think that Harry Benjamin Syndrome is the right name for a diagnosis. When I think of Harry Benjamin I think Furry Johnson. Those names are masculine and that might work for ftms butt4 mtfs its a different issue. Second, the word "syndrome" has some negative stigma... think of down sydrome. I definitely don't think this is a disease or sickness but rather a psychological expression of freedom. I cannot see how people can disagree with freedom yet daily I see that some people judge others by their appearance. For me, ye ol'e America is dead (burn the flag in Irish Mourning). Today I think we send little kids to prison schools and are most successful in teaching children to hate learning. FACE IT! — America has changed, and more Americans are asking for change—especially the homeless. Although this may seem tangental CHANGE is very important for transfolk.
But why do we have to change the "words" — we need to change the WORLD. In my mind I think "So what if I can or can't get 'married,' I can still love someone and that means I can't get divorced." - YEEHAW! The only reason the words are important are for laws and for mental health diagnosis and those are money motivated. To me the law and mental health are modern religions; The Penal Code book and DSM-IV (used to diagnois mental illness) are their doctrines. The spellbooks of modern witch trails where one is punished upon accusation without jury trial. Potato Pa-ta-toe - I'd rather have tomato soup.

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Lol, I love the way you think.

Please take the following comments with a grain of salt, I am simply a str8 guy learning something new. Nothing I say below is intended to demean or define anyone or any group. I cannot wait for the day when society is fully accepting of all and a global understanding will eliminate the need for disclaimers such as this :)

Onto the whole clinical definition and why there seems to be an abundance of them. First of all, I cam understand the not wanting to be labeled and simply wanting to be known as either "male" or "female." The unfortunate problem that arises is us STR8 folk are still learning about this whole thing. Acceptance is growing, but some of us need to know why. Clinical definitions also remove the kink stigma from being Transgendered, or Harry Benjamin or any of the other names that keep popping out of the woodwork.

Sorry, in advance about bringing a marketing metaphor into the subject, however, if you look at the whole transgender issue from a marketing perspective, too many names cause confusion. Also, from reading some of the online material, I assume the Harry Benjamin folk want to distance themselves from those born with the genetalia of both genders (hermaphrodites) This can also be put in marketing terms and is understandable, although ironically elitist IMHO (humble could also be ignorant)
The problem is, when you start infighting about definitions and start calling the word "transgender" as being defamatory and an act of aggression / hate crime, it really starts to pull the focus away from the real issue at hand.
Regardless of what name is used, everyone is a human being. As such, Transgender, Str8, Lesbian, Gay, Harry or Shaved Benjamin, green, blue, yellow, brown, black, pink, off white, beige, white.... all deserve to be accepted for who they are. Of course, As long as that who does not violate the freedoms or cause injury to any other Human.

As far as Transgender vs Male or Female. Since there are a few stages of transition, and in some cases exterior biological differences and pretty much always and internal biological difference, it sucks and is unfortunate, but there does need to be some sort of differentiation IN NAME ONLY everyone should still have the right to be referred to as the gender they are, regardless of the body parts they were or were not born with.

This is something I, as a STR8 guy have learned since being asked to create this community. It is great to see some activity happening in here. I hope this will provide the world with the information and understanding they need to accept everyone for who they are and not for who or what antiquated societal "norms" prescribe.

So does this mean we need a third or fourth gender? Perhaps. This is a huge topic as there will always be those who, for lack of a better word, would prefer to be with someone born with the parts of the "gender" of their preferred sexual partner. I know this may sound bigoted to some, however, it is a matter of preference. Just like the transgender / Harry Benjamin deserves to right to be known as the gender they are in their true heart, others (male, female, m2f, f2m, lesbian, gay, or str8) all deserve to know certain information about the person they are going to pursue on a romantic level. This does NOT mean everyone needs to walk around with a sign. Truthfully, I do not know what this means. I am still learning so please excuse me for my ignorance. I am simply talking through this to provide an insight from "the other side of the fence"

At the end of the day, we (as individuals) are who we are and nobody should be able to define us (as individuals) in any other way. Does that make sense?

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As far as Transgender vs Male or Female I wouldn't put vs. that implies conflict — Although, I accept the word "transition" I want nothing more to identify and be treated without discrimination as my gender (identity). "Sex", is a different word I know nothing about. So does this mean we need a third or fourth gender? Perhaps. I think we need four of everything that is the very flaw of dualism it should be "quadism" we all know that from Venn Diagrams. There's not just good and evil there's neutral(neither) and ambitral(the ambit -both). We've been brainwashed with principles like "what goes up must come down..." While thats true in many cases — like viagra ;)— Think of a bubble of air rising from a thermal vent in the bottom of the ocean. The trans population has to rise up and to do that the word trans has to be more robust. We can't separate ourselves. The word transgender is all encompassing and includes gay and lesbian behaviors. Obviously, its not just black and white theres transparent and grey but also a whole world of colors equals THE RAINBOW L.G.B.T.Q. Lez GAYT Back Together Quickly Remember the old adage "divide and conquer."

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I put vs. in my last blog post. I wanted to come back to this because its a good example of the psychology community trying to categorize transpeople when it seems there is a brick wall in between us. In other words. I really hate the proposed diagnois HBS it gives me IBS irritable Bowel Sydrome.

Harry Benjamin Syndrome vs Trangender