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Monday January 17th, 2012.


We, Wendy and I, went to see the endocrinologist for a check-up and to discuss the process of the orchiectomy. The urologist my endocrinologist usually refers people to will not do such a procedure unless the person has been on HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) for one year or more. I explained to the doctor that although I have only been on HRT for 3 months that I was well aware of the decision I am making. I want the orchiectomy for a variety of reasons, one being health, and the second being comfort, and the third is because it is inevitable in the scope of my transition. So, I have to find a urologist willing to do the procedure.

Luckily, my GP is willing to refer me to his clinics urologist. As usual I keep checking with Wendy to make sure she is okay with taking the next step. She says she is, but sometimes I fear she is lying to me and consenting out of a good heart. I hope that she is honest with me, because not doing so could lead to disaster, and two broken hearts. Wendy is the only person on this planet that has any say in my transition.

For health reasons, after the orchiectomy I will no longer have to take spirolactone. This will reduce the risks of potential side effects such as: numbness or tingly feeling; muscle pain or weakness; slow, fast, or uneven heart rate; feeling drowsy, restless, or light-headed; urinating less than usual or not at all; shallow breathing; tremors, or confusion. Not to mention the dietary restrictions because of the potassium sparing properties of spirolactone.

For comfort, because I spent 18 hours a day tucked. Sometimes when tucked, either walking or sitting, the testicles shift and this can create intense pain or discomfort. It is difficult when this happens while driving, or sitting in a classroom. I clench my teeth and excuse myself to go and readjust. However, sometimes it helps to move and change position.

Finally, the removal of my testicles is inevitable. Eventually when I go through the SRS (Sex Reassignment Surgery) the doctors will remove my testicles anyways. The part I have to be careful with is that the doctor performing the orchiectomy does not remove any scrotal tissue, because this will be used later to create parts of my neo-vulva. Also, I do not want to wait too long between the orchiectomy and SRS because over time, usually years, the scrotal tissue will shrink extensively.


Starting today I began a double dose of estrogen and medoxyprogesterone and a 1/2 measure up of spirolactone. I take a morning dose and an afternoon dose, it seems to keep the me more mentally balanced throughout my long days. My days usually go from about 6am or 8am until 10pm-1am. I found that I was getting irritable in the afternoons. Now I think this will help with the irritability. I think changes may happen a little quicker now.



Daphne Shaed


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I was taught that spironolactone (generic for adalactone) is a diuretic like coffee and that it makes you urinate more frequently. I'm pretty sure of it actually, since other girls told me they were afraid of just peeing out their hormones so they added a workout routine (I like dancing to my favorite mp3s and music videos). With the orchiectomy done I am sure the results will be better and faster.

Double the hormones, double the fun!