Volunteer with TransVisibility and move the vision forward

it seems the original set of volunteers got busy and are unable to fulfil their respective roles. I am now looking for volunteers to help move the TransVisibility.com vision of global unity and acceptance forward. Bloggers, Writers, assistant editors, and an executive editor positions are all available. So stop sitting on the sidelines and make a positive difference. Or if you are already involved in the community, we would love your help over at the TransVisibility Camp.
moderators are also being sought for http://www.TGender.com a 100% free transgender specific support, social networking and Dating website. Yes you read right, 100 % free. No charge for anything, including chat.
if you are interested, drop me a note via the contact page


Not since the last doomsday scare was the media and world so abuzz over a simple date. Apparently on December 21st, 2012, the planet earth will be destroyed by some space bulldozers to make way for a hyper-spacial highway... Or am I just getting my fiction confused. I know there are scholars who like to believe the Mayans were a very advanced civilization. I'm confused, though, if the Mayans were so advanced they could look into the future and see that a group of scientists hell bent to be the next Albert Einstein or Al Gore (he did invent the Internet you know ;) ), would gather In the remote Swiss Alps to play cosmic marbles with a big ass machine they would first call the thingamajig, only later to settle on the Hadron Collider, because they figured it sounded cooler plus, playing with their thingamajig was less likely to get them laid, which was the ultimate goal in the first place. Apparently some blue fuzzy alien told them space girls were easy. What makes this amazing forecast of the Mayan's even more amazing is. This revelation came from a group of geniuses that could not even count past 2012.In case any of them are listening, the next number is 2013. I guess we have now finally surpassed the intellect of the future gazing Mayans. To bad about the highway and thanks for all the fish.

Doomsday 2012 - the end of the world as we know it or the end of what we know