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Day 1

People who know me well know that I am a night owl and early bird, most days. No exception post surgery either. I was up late on Friday despite being extremely tired, I went to sleep around 2am. I woke Saturday morning around 6:30am and started reading, around 8am I made some breakfast. I took some anti-inflammatories and some tylenol. It feels like someone is reaching inside my abdomen and twisting my insides around. It feels, from descriptions of my natal female friends, like menstrual cramps. So, I guess in some sense, I am happy to be experiencing something akin to menstrual cramps.

I am a little bored. I have been sitting in bed all day, except for the occasional moments that I get up and do some squats and stretch viagra cost. I have music playing in the background, or Netflix showing something that provides background noise.

Whenever I study or do research I need noise! I am not one to study off in a quiet secluded corner, on the contrary, I need a busy café or a movie I have seen a thousand times playing in the periphery. It is a distraction to distraction. If I am working in quiet then I am easily distracted, but if I am in a noisy environment then I am already distracted and therefore I concentrate better. That makes sense right?

My back is a bit sore from being supine for so long. I am looking forward to Sunday, some friends are coming to take me to lunch, and I get to be out of the house. Monday I will hopefully be off to work, I need the money.

I weighed myself this afternoon. I am keeping track of my weight because after castration muscle mass deteriorates and weight loss occurs. I am also off the spironolactone, which causes water gain, so I will also loose some of the weight I have gained since being on hormones. I can also eat bananas again, and other potassium rich foods. Spironolactone is potassium sparing and potassium intake has to be reduced when taking this anti-androgen. I have missed my potatoes, spinach, orange juice, and fish.

I did some sewing for Smyrna this evening, tried to fix one of my skirts, but I was a little too out of it from the pain killers and messed up my repair. So I went back to bed and laid down with my little purple moop and relaxed.

Well, it is time for me to get some more ice to sit on. I would like to thank everyone for their support and I know I am well loved, it is appreciated. I will be writing soon about the mental aspects of this procedure, for now I am trying to relax and enjoy this experience.

<3 Daphne Shaed

Recovery - Day 1