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So enough about surgery. I am making a good recovery, and I will continue to document the changes I discover, both physical and mental. but now back to my irregularly scheduled programming.

I went into work today and they asked me to do some yard work around the hotel. So, spade and broom in hand I went around the exterior of the building and cleaned up all the weeds that had been poking up through the cracks in the pavement. It was sunny and wonderfully warm out today, I was glad to be outside and working up a sweat, something Cage commented on later when she kissed my cheek and discovered the well seasoned saltiness of a mornings hard labours.

As I sit at the Cook Street village Starbucks I muse at the pedestrian tourists wandering about. As they pass by or seek entrance into this coffee franchise and glance my way in sudden wonderment. I feel like I should be charging admission as a local tourist attraction. It amuses because it seems so startling to some, to see a transsexual woman out in the sunshine enjoying a coffee and blogging about their bewildered stares and hushed tones. It is good though. I present and identify very readily as a transsexual, and I am always ready to talk about it in a polite educated manner and answer generally genuine curious queries.

I am not trying to hide. I do not want to hide. The aspects of passibility is exactly what kept me closeted, alone, and miserable for many years before discovering I could be a woman, and it is perfectly acceptable to be a transsexual, and it is alright to find my own beauty without the illusory and spurious societal expectations of feminine beauty. The idea of passing is not something I support in any way! The idea that I must fit myself and compartmentalize into the strict hegemony of a constructed ideal to experience social privileges is plainly damaging to most in the trans community and must be addressed.

I am accepted as a woman in all my social circles by my friends, my fellow students, and at least one of my family members. Although the rest of society may trip over their pronouns, accidental or malicious, is more their problem than mine, while simultaneously it is my mission to wedge myself into society, claim my own identity, and forge my own privileges!

Someone told me, “You can not change these things! It is the way it is!” I replied, “I am sure a lot of people said that to Martin Luther King Junior as well.” It is because our society is build on socially constructed ideas and paradigms that we have the opportunity, and the responsibility, to change and alter it in a way that is egalitarian, humanizing, and available to all.

I do not pass! I am like a beautiful dandelion on the symmetrical well trimmed lawn of society! And we all know how most people will treat a dandelion on their lawns! I am here to grow and thrive and I will not pretend to be a blade of grass!

<3 Daphne Shaed



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Your 4th paragraph really helps me a lot and I guess it points out the somewhat hypocritical-ness of my previous posts. You identify with the dandelion — I am more of a flutterfly my cocoon is my withdrawal physically manifested — it seems I hover and barely get anywhere — I hope you get carried with the wind to far off places where orchids grow.

I am a beautiful Dandelion...